Moscow breaks ground on new Sheremteyevskaya metro station

Moscow announced that it has started preparing the construction site for the Sheremetyevskaya metro station on the Third Interchange Circuit, said Andrei Bochkaryov, Head of the Department of Construction.
The new deep level station with an island-centre platform will be similar to the nearby unfinished Nizhnyaya Maslovka station, Bochkaryov explained.
The Moscow Metro Construction Department (Mosmetrostroi) is building the second stage of the Third Interchange Circuit’s northeastern section, due to include the Sheremetyevskaya and Rzhevskaya metro stations, which will provide access to the Maryina Roshcha station on the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya Line and the Rizhskaya station on the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line, respectively.
The Third Interchange Circuit will be opened stage by stage. “This year, we will begin service between the Delovoi Tsentr and Petrovsky Park stations, and the Nizhnyaya Maslovka station is scheduled to be completed in 2018,” Bochkaryov said.

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