India’s PM launched the construction works for two new metro projects

Surat and Ahmedabad metroIndia’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a virtual ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the new Surat and Ahmedabad metro lines which involve a total length of 68.5 km. Rs 17,404 crore (USD 2.45 billion) is the total value of the two projects.

The Prime Minister said that the metro investment “shows that even during Corona period, efforts for infrastructure building are gaining momentum” and the transport services “will improve connectivity in the two important business centers of the country.”

The second phase of Ahmedabad Metro includes the commissioning of two new corridors with a total length of 28.2 km. The first corridor will have 22.8 km Motera Stadium to Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar, while the second will be 5.4 km-long from GNLU to GIFT City. The total completion cost of the second phase of Ahmedabad Metro is Rs 5,384 crores (USD 758 million). The first phase of Ahmedabad  Metro was inaugurated in March 2019.

The Surat Metro system will have two corridors with a total length of 40.35 km, of which 33.89 km elevated and 6.47 km underground. The first corridor from Sarthana to Dream City will be 21.6 km-long, of which 15.14 km elevated and 6.47 km underground. The line will be served by 20 stations of which 14 elevated and 6 underground stations.

The other corridor will provide the transport connection between Bhesan and Saroli on a 18.74 km elevated line served by 18 stations. Rs 12,020 crores (USD 1.7 billion) is the total cost of the entire project.

Recently, the Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) has awarded Ardanuy Ingenieria and Rail India Technical and Economic Service (RITES) the design contract for the energy supply systems for Surat and Ahmedabad metro networks.

For the second phase of Ahmedabad metro, the joint venture comprising of Ardanuy Ingenieria and RITES will be in charge of continuing with the project related to the energy supply to the network in accordance with the work carried out in the first phase. At that stage, the route was designed with a third rail, a kind of technology that is also included on these new lines.

For the Surat metro, as part of the contract Ardanuy Ingenieria has been awarded the design consulting services for the power system, the 750 V DC third rail traction electrification and the SCADA system.


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