Hitachi rolls out the first Turin tram

low-floor LRV Hitachi Rail has dispatched the first low-floor LRV to Turin from its factory in Naples which are based on the Sirio tram platform but with modern and technological improvements.

The 28-metre trams are shorter than the current vehicles and due to an optimsied arrangement of the interior, they provide greater passenger capacity.

The new LRV offers high-level of passenger comfort as well as innovative technology ensuring safe and fast travel. The trams provide bright environment and full immersion in the outside urban landscape thanks to the wide glass windows and the transparency of lateral parts of the roof of the vehicle.

The new low-floor vehicles have 36 seats and provide space for 218 standing passengers reaching a total capacity of 254 passengers. Lighting and conditioning systems distributed along the compartments to maximum comfort to the passengers.

The vehicles are designed with wide standing and passing areas and two dedicated areas to ease access for people with reduced mobility and information to passengers about the line thanks to external displays placed on the side and at both ends of the tram, at an ideal height to be clearly visible, also to passengers on wheelchairs.

The tram has essential and streamlined sides as well as a dynamic and modern front-end ensuring maximum visibility for the driver and the particular shape of the vehicle minimises the impact of the volume of the entire tram in the urban context in which it operates. The trains are equipped by Knorr-Bremse.

The low-floor LRV for Turin has been designed by Giugiaro Architettura keeping in mind the two colours of the City (yellow and blue) in consistency with those of the new buses owned by Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT).

In May 2020, the transport operator and Hitachi signed a framework agreement for the supply of 70 new trams and a 4.5 year warranty. Under the contract, Hitachi Rail will deliver a batch of 30 vehicles worth EUR 63.4 million which is entirely covered by the Italian Ministry of Transport thanks to an agreement with the City of Turin and it falls within the so-called ” rail cure”, designed to enhance rail transport systems within large urban centers. All these trams are manufactured in Italy at the Hitachi Rail’s plants of Naples, Pistoia and Reggio Calabria. According to the agreement, they should be delivered within 18 months from contract signing.



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