Turin tram procurement contract signed

New trams for TurinHitachi Rail Italy signed a framework agreement for the supply of 70 new trams for Turin, with a firm order for 30 vehicles which will be delivered from autumn 2021. The procurement of the first tranche of 30 trams valuated at EUR 63.4 million will be covered by the Ministry of Transport under an agreement with the City of Turin and it falls within the so-called “rail cure”, designed to enhance rail transport system within large urban centers.

The 28-meters-long new trams for Turin will be manufactured at Hitachi Rail’s plants of Naples, Pistoia and Reggio Calabria in Italy and will be delivered to the city’s operator GTT within 18 months. The supply has a 4-years-and-6-months warranty.

The new trams are low-floor and shorter than the current trams but due to an optimised arrangement of the internal spaces they will have a greater passenger capacity compared to the current ones. People with reduced mobility will have two dedicated equipped spaces to ease access and good wheelchairs’ mobility.

The style and the interior design of the new trams have been designed by Giugiaro Architettura. The new trams will have the two colours of the City, yellow and blue, in consistency with those of the new GTT buses currently operating the public transport system.

The Hitachi’s trams will be equipped with air conditioning system ensuring air exchange with the outside, high safety standards for passengers’ health and safety. They will have large windows and the roof’s transparent side areas offering greater internal brightness and more visibility of the outside. The vehicles are part of Hitachi’s new tram platform based on an evolution of the previous Sirio model fitted with new technologies, high performance parameters in terms of safety, sustainability and passengers’ comfort.

“From our first day of work we have considered public transport a priority for the present and the future of Turin. After a 4-year hard work with GTT and investments to relaunch this fundamental service, today we can say to make another step forward with the Hitachi trams,” Chiara Appendino, Mayor of Turin, said.


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