Halle orders Tina trams

Tina tram fleetStadler and Hallesche Verkehrs-AG (HAVAG) signed a contract for the supply of a 56 Tina tram fleet with the first batch expected to be delivered from 2025.

Two bidirectional vehicles in two different lengths were ordered which will be used as required. 39 vehicles of the future model MGT-M will be approximately 30 metres long and have space for 166 passengers, 64 of which seated. The 45-metre-long vehicle type MGT-XL will be built 17 times and offers 267 passenger spaces, 96 of which seated.

Tina trams were designed with increased passenger comfort amenities. The completely step-free, accessible vehicles have a spacious, air-conditioned interior and spacious multi-purpose areas that facilitate the comfortable transport of pushchairs and wheelchairs. Maximum headroom and panorama windows create an open plan feeling, while modern monitors provide easily legible passenger information.

“An air-conditioned passenger space, which doesn’t overheat in the warm months, quiet travel comfort, larger doorways, no steps in the entire vehicle, wider aisles, improved handholds, modern information systems and innovative driver assistance systems, including for collision warning, will be what characterise our new vehicles,” HAVAG chairman Vinzenz Schwarz said.

The entire Tina tram fleet will have modern, cash-free ticket machines, a video monitoring system and the BIOS system, a new technology developed in Halle for improved information and orientation for blind and visually impaired people on public transport.

HAVAG currently has 102 trams on 14 lines in the Saale city of Halle. The new trams will be used in the entire transport network.

Stadler first brought the newly developed Tina (“Total Integrated Low-Floor Drive” in German) trams onto the market at the beginning of 2020 and have already had success with four orders after just two years. The first order was signed in 2020 with HEAG Mobilo GmbH for the supply of the trams to Darmstadt, and the next orders were received from Swiss Baselland Transport (BLT) and Rostocker Strassenbahn AG (RSAG).

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