Stadler wins tram contract in Rostock

Tina light rail vehiclesThe public transport company of Rostock city, RSAG, and Stadler signed the contract for the supply of 28 Tina light rail vehicles representing manufacture’s third order for this tram model.

The first trams wil be delivered at the end of 2024 and in 2025 the first trams within the new series will start operation in Rostock.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the people of Rostock even more services and greater levels of safety from 2025, with trains that are environmentally friendly and feature air-conditioning systems and on-board wifi. These vehicles will boast innovative driver assistance systems, including collision avoidance, which will be the distinguishing features of our new trams,” RSAG board members, Yvette Hartmann and Jan Bleis said.

The three-part, fully air-conditioned two-way trams have a capacity of 221 passengers, with 75 of them seated. The light rail vehicle is around 32 metres long, and features a spacious interior, large panoramic windows with unobstructed views and an integrated passenger information system. The flow-floor, step-free vehicles include allocated space for push-chairs and bicycles in four dedicated multi-purpose areas.

the passengers can charge their mobile devices during the journey using the USB charging ports, modern information screens are installed to keep passenger up to date and there is Wi-Fi throughout.

The new Tina Tina light rail vehicles, like all RSAG fleet, are fitted with video surveillance and an on-board ticket-machine. Four specially designed bogies guarantee the smooth running of the vehicle and also protect wheels and rails. The tram has an integrated collision warning system.

The new light rail vehicles will replace some of the existing 6N1 trams which date back to 1994-1996 and are being phased out after around 30 years of continuous service. In advance the award was prepared as part of a Europe-wide tender and concluded in accordance with the legal regulations.

The number of trams made by Stadler in RSAG`s fleet will increase to a total of 41 vehicles and operate throughout the network. RSAG will operate the new trams on all of its six tram lines in the Hanseatic and university city of Rostock. The RSAG trams cover around 3.2 million kilometres every year.

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