Greenlight for the extension of tram lines in Oradea

Tratra KT4D tram operating in Oradea

The reviewed technical and economic indicators for the investment objective “Development of a connection on the three directions of the tram lines at the junction between Primariei – Decebal – Calea Aradului streets and the extension of new tram line on Calea Aradului – str. Fagarasului – str. Atelierelor route (with access to OTL depot) and connection on all directions with D. Cantemir Street” have been approved.
The total cost of the investment is RON 66 million, VAT included (EUR 14.1 million) with a development period of 24 months. The project will be submitted for financing within the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, Priority Axis 4 – Supporting urban sustainable development, Investment priority 4.1 – Sustainable urban mobility.
The extension of the tram line implies the resolution of two problems: the traffic at Decebal – Calea Aradului – str. Primariei junction and the extension of the tram line on the specified alignment.
This sustainable urban mobility project seeks to eliminate the increase in the level of greenhouse gas emissions. The expected contribution to the objective of reducing carbon-dioxide emissions will be ensured by reducing transport-generated emissions by providing alternative transport options and by discouraging the use of personal cars.
Another major investment includes the acquisition of 20 new trams in two phases using funds from the European Union. The investment is estimated at RON 88.8 million (EUR 19 million) for each lot of ten trams. The tender for the first phase ended with Oradea receiving only one bid from Romanian rolling stock manufacturer, Astra Vagoane Calatori. The bid received for the delivery of new trams is under evaluation.
Until the attribution of the tender, OTL has taken steps to procure another 20 second-hand trams from Germany. These trams are Tatra KT4D series.

You can find out more information about the projects carried out for the modernisation of the public transport system during the Panel exclusively dedicated to urban transport, organised in the second day of the Railway Days Summit 2018>>>

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