Contract awarded to quadruple Milan-Genoa line section

Milan – Pavia railwayRete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) awarded a EUR 189 million contract for construction works to quadruple the Milan – Pavia railway section which is financed by Italy’s recovery and resilience plan and is expected to be completed in 2026.

The consortium of D’Agostino Angelo Antonio Costruzioni Generali and SE.GE.CO won the design and construction contract.

The project consists of the construction of an 11 km double track and interventions to speed up the existing tracks for a total length of approximately 29 km. The new Pieve Emanuele station will be activated, new stops and a new electrical substation will be built, and the sidewalks of the Villamaggiore stop and the existing works will be adapted.

The intervention is divided into two functional phases. The first phase involves the quadrupling of the Milan Rogoredo – Pieve Emanuele section (about 11 km), while the second phase concerns the completion of works up to Pavia, of about 18 km.

Quadrupling the Milan – Pavia railway line will allow the increase of train numbers for both freight and passengers and will enhance the regional and suburban transport service and will also unblock the works on north – south connectivity.

It is estimated that the number of trains will double from 10 trains per hour per direction to 20 trains per hour per.

The quadrupling of the tracks between Milan Rogoredo and Pieve Emanuele, on the Milan – Pavia rail section, is part of Milan – Genoa rail project and together with the completion of the works at the Genoa node and the Terzo Valico dei Giovi represents another important step to bring Genoa and Milan closer together. The goal is to steadily reduce travel times between the cities to under an hour.

The Terzo Valico dei Giovi – Genova Junction high-capacity line will provide unprecedented connection in the Northern Italy as it will allow the Ligurian capital to be connected first with Milan, then with the European TEN-T network, towards Rotterdam. The project covers the construction of 53 km of line of which 27 km will be constructed in tunnel (Valico Tunnel) and 3 new stations with an estimated value of EUR 7.7 billion. The tunnel’s tracks have a total length of 90 km if all secondary line interconnections are considered. The Terzo Valico will be integrated with the Genoa Junction and will reduce travel time between Genoa and Milan and between Genoa and Turin.



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