Company created to operate the Duisburg terminal

Duisburg terminalSamskip, duisport and TX Logistik AG signed an agreement on the establishment of a joint operating company of the Duisburg terminal.

The three partners have founded the new Ziel Terminal GmbH company, 49.8% of its shares to be owned by Samskip, while duisport and TX Logistik each will hold 25.1%. The terminal will be leased on a long-term basis by duisport to the joint venture.

The terminal partnership signed by the three owners is currently still subject to approval by the European competition authorities.

“The long-term partnership not only strengthens our location, but also paves the way for sustainable growth and the expansion of our business model. By jointly exploiting the potential of the three strong players duisport, Samskip, and TX Logistik, we can continuously develop the terminal and be successful together. This will create additional handling capacities at the Duisburg location,” duisport CEO Markus Bangen said.

The 140,000-square-meter terminal facility in Duisburg-Hohenbudberg has seven transshipment tracks, each 720 metre-long, two shunting tracks and two high-performance gantry cranes for transshipment between road and rail. The annual handling capacity is up to 250,000 loading units.

In addition, the operations at the logport III in Duisburg-Hohenbudberg can rely on modern IT and communications technology such as a control tower system for the pre-planning of terminal activities and exception management. Other high standards include high-tech gate functions, OCR scanning for registration, security, order prioritization and truck parking allocation. In addition, various facilities are available, such as cross-docking or railcar repair.

“We are delighted with the idea of taking our long-standing partnership with TX Logistik and the Port of Duisburg to a new level. The decision is clearly a win-win-win scenario as the benefits for all parties is substantial. As Samskip is extremely committed to deliver its sustainability targets, this will also further cement the usage and the growth of rail modality in the location,” Samskip CEO Kari-Pekka Laaksonen said.

“The Duisburg terminal is located in a strategic geographical position, in the heart of Germany, in an important industrial zone, along the main trade interchange axis of Europe. Being part of the shareholding structure that will manage it means guaranteeing customers an expansion of geographic targets, improved service quality, synchronisation of traction and access slots to terminal areas, and greater transport efficiency, all activities preparatory to a door-to-door service,” Gianpiero Strisciuglio, CEO Mercitalia Logistics said.

Currently TX Logistik, which is responsible for international rail freight transport within the Mercitalia Group already operates two round trips per week between Duisburg and Katrineholm in Sweden for Samskip.

To enter the shareholding structure of the terminal in Duisburg is in line with the provisions of the FS Italiane’s Business Plan, unveiled in May 2022, Mercitalia Logistics envisages investments of EUR 2.9 billion the next ten years to foster a major operational and commercial development of the sustainable logistics asset around rail freight traffic both in Italy and Europe.

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