TX Logistik renews single safety certificate for Scandinavian countries

single safety certificateThe European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) granted TX Logistik AB, the Swedish subsidiary of the German TX Logistik AG, the single safety certificate to operate in Denmark and Sweden as it fulfils all legal requirements for safe railway operations in both countries. The new certificate has a term of five years and is valid until the beginning of December 2027.

In the course of the renewal, TX Logistik AB had the previously valid A and B certificate for Sweden and the B certificate for Denmark converted into a single safety certificate for both countries. The ERA certificate, which is valid without restriction, also authorises the transport of dangerous goods. TX Logistik is one of only three freight railways allowed to operate on the Öresund Bridge in Sweden.

TX Logistik started the complex preparations for re-certification in December 2021. The core element of the work, for which management and employees invested a total of more than 3,200 working hours, was the conversion to a process-oriented safety management system.

With the new Single Safety Certificate, TX Logistik is also setting the course for further growth both on the north-south axis and domestic in Sweden. The company is already one of the most important providers of intermodal rail freight transport in Sweden. For example, on the route between Trelleborg, Malmö and Eskilstuna, an open train system is operated with seven round trips per week. TX Logistik transports foodstuffs between Bro, near Stockholm, and Malmö in 10 round trips per week for the retail chain Coop, and a block train connection is operated as a company train for Walter trucks between Trelleborg and Eskilstuna with three round trips per week. In addition, traction services are provided for the Scandinavian part of the route within the framework of European TX relations, for example the intermodal connection from Duisburg via Padborg and Malmö to Katrineholm.

In January 2023, TX Logistik will launch a completely new intermodal connection between the Port of Stockholm Norvik and the terminal in Eskilstuna. This is the rail logistics provider’s response to the growing demand for freight transport by rail from the logistics region around Eskilstuna. The plan is to operate the approximately 100-km route 5 times a week.

In July, the operator has also obtained a single safety certificate for transport services in Germany and the Netherlands valid until 2027.


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