CAF awards onboard equipment contract for Lisbon new trams

onboard ITS systemsCAF selected GMV, a multinational tech company, to supply the onboard ITS systems for the 15 Urbos 3 trams which will operate the tram network of Lisbon. In April 2021, Carris awarded CAF a contract for the supply of 15 five-section low-floor trams which will be delivered in 2023 and in some sections will operate without overhead cables or suspended wires.

The systems will include passenger information system, the public address system, the intercom system, and the Ethernet onboard communications network.

Rail transportation is a safe, on-time and convenient mode of transportation. In this sense, GMV’s intelligent transportation systems help improve the passenger service while also increasing safety levels and improving management procedures by transportation authorities and operators.

Under the contract, GMV will supply CAF with a version of its Info-Pass system, an integrated information solution combining text, video, and audio information. Totally digital, it offers the features of a classic passenger information system, enhanced with a high-performance video information system. It provides text information on LED displays located throughout the train – front, side, and interior displays, video information on monitors placed in each car, and audio information on the unit’s public address system.

Among the highlights of this system are station arrival detection and the possibility of managing associated content through the different channels. Programmable content can be automatically downloaded from a remote server, in addition to real-time messaging from the control center. In this way, travelers can see information of interest and advertising content in various formats.

For its part, the PA & Intercom public address and intercom system distributed throughout the tramway is mainly digital. It will enable management of all audio communications that occur within the train, from automatic travel announcements such as next station, correspondences, etc., public address systems for drivers, control center or other posts throughout the train. The digital solution will also deliver intercoms for passenger-driver emergencies and vice versa, intercoms between any member of the crew, and playing ambient music.

The onboard ITS systems will be inhouse-developed by GMV and will be integrated with the train’s monitoring and control system to receive the necessary information and report their status and alarms.


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