Algeria opens Mostaganem tramway

Mostaganem tramway Algeria’s Minister of Transport, Kamel Beldjoud, the Wali of Mostaganem, Aissa Boulahia and other senior representatives from local authorities have launched the operation of Mostaganem tramway lines.

The 14 km-long Mostaganem tramway will allow 10,000 passengers to travel each day on the line, with 24 stations. The two lines will link different districts of the town, facilitating access to the various university campuses for students, and providing quick access to the city centre and different stations.

The project was divided into two phases with the first one covering a 12.2 km line between Salamander and Kharouba and the second one covered the construction of a 2 km tram section between Gare SNTF and Nouvelle Gare Routière.

The Métro d’Alger (EMA) company awarded the Mostaganem tramway project to Alstom and Cosider. Alstom’s scope of work includes the provision of the whole system, telecommunications and signalling systems, the sub-stations and ticketing as well as the depot equipment. The Citadis trainsets were supplied by the joint-venture CITAL comprising 51% Algerian partners and 49% Alstom which employ nearly 670 people. The trams have been manufactured at the Annaba site, in the north-east of Algeria.

For its part, Cosider’s scope (Public Works/Engineering Works) carried out the civil engineering including the rail lines, the catenary and the traffic light signals.

Corsan Isolux and Alstom won the tender for the construction of the EUR 240 million Mostaganem tramway which started in 2013 and should last about 40 months (more than three years), but following the bankruptcy of the Corsan Isolux the construction work on the tramway has been interrupted. A new call has been issued with a view to resuming work by the end of 2017. The Cosider group has resumed construction work of this project in 2018.

In December 2020, Alstom has successfully conducted the first test-run for Mostaganem tramway project. During this phase, Alstom’s tramways have run from the secondary storage park T2 section to SNTF station, around 2km.

The lines connect different neighborhoods of the city from the north at Khorouba to Salamander. The tram is expected to transport 24.000 passengers each day from Khorouba station situated in front of Abdul Hamid Ibn Badis University to Salamander station.

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