First test completed for Mostaganem tram

Mostaganem tramwayThe first test-run for Algeria’s Mostaganem tramway project has been successfully conducted by Alstom, running 2 km from the secondary storage park T2 section to SNTF station.

The test was attended by the Algerian Minister of Transport, Lazhar Hani, the Governor of Mostaganem, Isaa Boulahia and representatives from Alstom Algeria.

“The Mostaganem tramway will enter commercial operation in the first semester of 2021. I congratulate the residents of the city for this project which will improve their life,” Lazhar Hani said.

The length of Mostaganem tramway is 14-km long and includes 24 stations. For this project, Alstom and Cosider Travaux Publics/Cosider Ouvrages d’Art are in a single lot configuration.

“Mostaganem tramway is a very important system project for Alstom and was expected by the public since a long time. We are pleased to have achieved this significant milestone despite the various delays as well as the COVID-19 pandemic,” Amar Chouaki, Managing Director for Alstom Algeria said.

Within the next phase of the project, rigorous dynamic tests will be performed to ensure smooth running and guarantee maximum safety for both the passengers and the operator.

Under the project, Alstom has supplied the integrated system, tracks, catenaries, telecommunications and signalling system, substations and ticketing equipment.

Each line is will be operated by the Citadis tramways manufactured at the Annaba site, in the north-east of Algeria, by Cital, Alstom’s local joint-venture founded in 2010.

The tram project covers the construction of a 2 km line served by 4 stations from Salamandre to the University of Kharouba, crossing the Mostaganem city before running into the town of De Tijid. The line will have a capacity of 3300 passengers per hour per direction. Another 12 km line with 20 stations will transport 5000 passengers per hour per direction. The project also involves the construction of 10 parking lots and provides transport connections to the bus system and to the old railway station located at Benyahia Belkacem.

Alstom has been involved on Algeria’s tram market developing these transport systems in Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Ouargla and Sétif, Sidi Belabes.


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