Advisors selected for Toronto – Québec City corridor

High Frequency Rail corridor The Government of Canada selected CPCS Transcom Limited (CPCS), in association with WSP to analyse the options to passenger rail service on High Frequency Rail corridor running from Toronto to Québec City. The two consulting companies will develop the studies which will include examining present and future passenger rail demand, evaluating existing routes, identifying options for new alignments as needed, and providing a financial analysis.

The findings will be completed and submitted by the end of 2023.

“High Frequency Rail is a transformational project that will provide more frequent, faster, and more reliable service on modern accessible trains. We’re pleased to announce that we now have external advisors with expertise in railway planning, engineering and operations to analyse options that will support our commitment to improved railway service in Southwestern Ontario,” the Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra said.

The project is expected to transform the intercity passenger rail service along the corridor through a variety of outcomes, including shortening travel times, with reductions of up to 90 minutes on some routes, increasing trip frequencies, offering more reliable and improved on-time performance. The project also includes the delivery of new services to Peterborough, 125 km northeast of Toronto and Trois-Rivières, 130 km from Quebec City.

The 2022 budget 2022 provided Transport Canada and Infrastructure Canada with CAD 396.8 million (USD 295 million) over two years, starting in 2022-2023, to continue advancing key project activities and to undertake the procurement phase of the project. In the spring of 2023, the government will announce the RFQ respondents and the Request for Proposals are expected to be issued in late spring 2023. The High Frequency Rail will transform passenger rail services for Canadians in the Toronto to Québec City corridor and in parallel, VIA Rail continues to rebuild the passenger rail services in Canada following the pandemic.

This year, the Transport Ministry updated the Request for Expressions of Interest to select a private operator for the transport services along the High Frequency Rail corridor which will replace VIA Rail Canada.

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