Additional trains to be delivered for Moscow MCDs

Moscow Central DiametersThis year, 200 new Ivolga cars are expected to enter passenger services on Moscow Central Diameters, has announced the Deputy Mayor for Transport Maxim Liksutov.

The rolling stock on the D1 and D2 lines linking suburban cities through the capital’s centre was completely renewed in 2020 and currently the fleet consists of modern Ivolga, EP2D and Lastochka train models as well as Aeroexpress trains.

In addition, Moscow’s railway transport will receive this year 209 new EP2D cars and 20 new Lastochka cars, which will be used on the suburban rail transport network.

“Comfortable rolling stock and comfortable stations are the pillars of the MCD project. We will continue to work on the Moscow transport hub in 2021. In general, we seek to renew the fleet on all the future MCD diameters,” Maxim Liksutov said.

The new Ivolga trains have the newest climate control system and heated air curtains on the doors that maintain 20-degree temperature even in winter. In addition, the trains are equipped with air disinfection systems that eliminate the bacteria and viruses.

Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) are new surface metro lines launched in November 2019 and within six months since the opening, 66 million passengers have used the transport services on the two lines. The new transport is completely integrated in Moscow’s transport system, including ticketing, design and quality standards. The D1 Line links the cities of Odintsovo and Lobnya, and D2 Line offer transport connection between Nakhabino and Podolsk through the centre of Moscow.

By the end of 2021, Moscow will open seven new stations on the MCD network, forming the D4 line that will connect the suburban towns of Aprelevka and Balashikha. Two of the stations – Minskaya and Aminyevskaya – are the brand new stops that will be integrated with underground metro lines 8A and 11, the latter is currently under construction. Another five existing stations will be opened after a complete modernisation.

“The demand for new stations depends not only on their modern infrastructure, but also on their integration into transport system. Our aim is to create the most developed public transport network possible in and around Moscow so that passengers could use more logical and fast routes instead of usual ones,” Maxim Liksutov said.

D4 Line is expected to be launched by 2024. Currently, the city constructs the infrastructure consisting of new suburban stations, additional railway lines between Moscow and Aprelevka as well as the connections between Kievsky and Belorussky suburban railway lines.

By 2025, the authorities plan to open new additional MCDs lines.

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