Additional Mälartåg trains ordered

Mälartåg double-decker trainsThe Swedish AB Transitio has ordered twelve additional Mälartåg double-decker trains from Stadler under a CHF 133.3 million (EUR 124.54 million) contract.

The new Mälartåg trains will be delivered in 2021 and will enter commercial operation in the Lake Mälaren region, west of the Swedish capital Stockholm.

The four-car double-decker trains have one class offering passengers comfortable large spaces. The trains can reach a maximum speed of 200 km/h. Double-walled car transitions, underfloor heating and good insulation help to make the trains particularly durable in winter.

Stadler has adapted the car bodies of the trains for Mälab to the Swedish clearance gauge.

“The newly ordered vehicles will correspond to the Scandinavian design line developed jointly with Transitio. The fact that we have received a follow-up order from Transitio so soon after the new double-decker trains started passenger operations is a great vote of confidence and recognition of the quality of the new trains,” Ansgar Brockmeyer, Head of Sales at Stadler, said.

The order is an exercised option under a framework agreement signed in 2016 for the supply of 33 trains for various regions in Sweden, with an option for 110 trains. 33 trains were initially ordered for Mälab, and 8 more trains were added for Uppsala Länstrafik in a first call-off order, exectised in February 2018. The second call-off order that has just been placed comprises 12 Mälartåg double-decker trains. In total, Transitio has ordered a fleet of 53 Kiss trains from Stadler.

In June 2018, Stadler has presented the first Mälartåg train at Stockholm Central Station, which entered  transport services in Mälardalen region in December 2019. The train, which is a variant of Dosto double-deck train, is adapted to Nordic winter conditions, designed to run at minus 40 degrees and with a depth of 800 mm of snow on the track.

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