Stadler displays first new Mälartåg train in Stockholm

The first Mälartåg train from Stadler is presented at Stockholm Central Station in cooperation with Mälab and Transitio, which will run in the Mälardalen region from 2019. This is the first of the 33 new double-decker trains Transitio, commissioned by Mälab, ordered from Stadler.
The train is a variant of company’s Dosto doubledeck train and it is equipped for Nordic winter conditions and maintain a high standard for Swedish travellers.
The Dosto adaptation for the Mälardalen lines and Transitio makes the train more flexible and able to cope with the Swedish load profile. The new train carriages will be designed using Mälab’s future Mälartågen brand, and have a length of around 105 meters with a top speed of 200 km/h. The interior is designed for commuter and daily travel with travel times around one to two hours, with comfortable adjustable chairs with work tables, power outlets, WIFI.
The trains are designed to run at minus 40 degrees and with a depth of 800 mm of snow on the track. Some examples of the design solutions incorporated to withstand the extreme weather conditions are inter-carriage connections with twin bellows, large snow ploughs, efficient floor and wall heating systems and specially adapted insulation. The underframes of the trains have been designed to minimise freezing.

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