CRRC and Stadler compete for Lisbon new metro trains

CRRC Tangshan and Stadler Rail Valencia submitted bids for Lisbon metro train contract which has a budget of EUR 138 million, Metropolitano de Lisboa says.

Both bids stayed within the budget with CRRC Tangshan submitting a EUR 115 million offer and Stadler Rail Valencia, with EUR 134 million.

The contract covers the supply of 24 metro trains and includes an option for 12 additional vehicles.  The tender, which is co-financed by European Funds and the Environmental Fund, was launched on November 30, 2023 and has a contract execution period of 54 months. The option to acquire another 12 three-car trains (36 carriages) is related to the need for ongoing replacement of the rolling stock that is at the end of its life, thus seeking to ensure flexibility conditions and interoperability of the entire fleet.

The competition is intended to respond to the expected increase in demand for the Lisbon metro network in the coming years due to the new extension projects for the Circular line and Red line to Alcântara.

In March 2024, Metropolitano de Lisboa announced that the contract for the design and construction of the Red Line extension between São Sebastião and Alcântara received prior approval from the Court of Auditors. The contract was signed on December 22, 2023, with the Metro Sebastião Alcântara consortium comprising Mota-Engil – Engenharia e Construção and SPIE Batignolles Internacional – Branch in Portugal. EUR 321.9 million is the value of the contract including VAT and awaits decision from the Administrative Court of the Lisbon Circuit regarding the lifting of the automatic suspensive effect resulting from the action brought by one of the competitors in the competition (FCC Construcción, Contratas Y Ventas, and Alberto Couto Alves). Metropolitano de Lisboa sayd that the contract was signed in strict compliance with and respect for the regime set out in the Public Contracts Code, after the legal deadlines and the subsequent legally established procedure had elapsed. With the decision now known by the Court of Auditors, the contract would be in a position to enter into force.

The total eligible cost estimated for the extension of the Red line from São Sebastião station to Alcântara is EUR 405.4 million. It is foreseen in the PRR – Resilience Recovery Plan 2021-2026 and has a European investment of EUR 304 million and national financial support of EUR 101.4 million. the Red Line extension covers the construction of a 4 km metro section and four new stations (Campolide/Amoreiras, Campo de Ourique, Infante Santo and Alcântara). Alcântara station will connect to the future Sustainable Intermodal Line, promoting connection to the Municipality of Oeiras (LIOS Oeste).

It is estimated that the daily demand captured by the new four stations that make up this extension will correspond to an increase of 4.7% of customers across the entire metro network. This section will reduce road transport by 3,700 cars each day on the same route. Considering the analysis over 30 years, avoided emissions will amount to 175.6 thousand tonnes of CO2 and energy savings will amount to 29.2 thousand toe (tonnes of oil equivalent).

The Circular Line covers the construction of a 2 km metro section with two new stations between the existing Rato and Cais do Sodré stations closing the missing link of Green Line and transforming into a circular line.

The Circular Line project reached a milestone in 2023 when the tunnel ensuring the connection between the future Estrela and Santos stations was completed. In March 2024, now the tunnel makes the connection between Rato, Estrela and Santos stations. The section is expected to be opened in the first half of 2025 when will join the Yellow and Green lines into a new circular ring in the centre of Lisbon.

Under the project, the Cais do Sodré station will be modernised and remodeled to deliver access to Ribeira Market area and to ensure connection with CP lines.

The expansion plan of the Metropolitano de Lisboa aims to contribute to improving mobility in the city of Lisbon, promoting accessibility and connectivity in public transport, promoting the reduction of travel times, decarbonization and sustainable mobility.

On March 25, 2024, Metropolitano de Lisboa announced it will carry out studies, surveys and other ancillary work necessary to launch the contracting procedure for the extension of the Metro Sul do Tejo network to Costa de Caparica, in the municipality of Almada.

Metropolitano de Lisboa was the public entity chosen by the Government to carry out these works estimated at up to EUR 1.65 million.

The extension of the light rail system from the south bank of the Tagus to Costa de Caparica is one of the public transport expansion projects in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area considered a priority by the State and is included in Portugal’s Climate Action and Sustainability Programme2030. The PACS foresees an allocation of EUR 3.1 billion, co-financed by the Cohesion Fund, intended to finance projects within the priorities defined for this programme, including sustainable urban mobility.

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