Tunnel breakthrough on Lisbon Circular Line

Circular LineMetropolitano de Lisboa (Lisbon Metro) reached a new milestone in the construction of the new Circular Line by completing the tunnel which ensure the connection between the future Estrela and Santos stations.

The event was attended by the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro, Secretary of State for Urban Mobility, Jorge Delgado, and by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Metropolitano de Lisboa, Vitor Domingues do Santos.

The tunnel is part of the Lot 1 project covering the construction of a 2 km metro line and two stations from Rato station on the Green Line and Cais do Sodré station on the Yellow Line to create the Circular Line.

Lisbon Metro has completed the tunnel connection between Rato and Estrela stations in May 2022 when a EUR 73.5 million contract was awarded to Metro Santos Sodré, a joint venture of Mota Engil and Spie Batignolles International to perform the works for the Lot 2 between Santos and Cais do Sodré stations.

Lisbon is extending its metro network programme which is divided into four lots. Lot 1 comprises the Rato – Santos tunnel, Lot 2 covers the works between Santos and Cais do Sodré stations, Lot 3 aims at the construction of two viaducts and expansion of the Campo Grande station and Lot 4 involves the installation of the systems for the future Circular line.

The construction for the Lot 3 started in January 2022 and the tender for Lot 4 covering finishing work and the design and installation of the systems was launched in august 2021 and is currently in the preliminary phase.

EUR 331.4 million is the total value of the project, with a EUR 137.2 million co-financing from the Environmental Fund, EUR 103 million form the Cohestion Fund through the Operational Programme for Sustainability and Efficient Use of Resources (POSEUR) and EUR 91.2 million is the national state contribution.

The Circular Line is expected to enter operation in 2024 providing a metro ring in the centre of Lisbon.

In 2021, Lisbon Metro awarded Stadler and Siemens Mobility consortium a EUR 114.5 million contract for the delivery of signalling systems and new trains. Stadler will supply the metro company 14 three-car trains and Siemens Mobility will design and install the CBTC Trainguard MT solution for the Blue, Yellow and Green lines as well as the installation of the system on 70 existing trains as well as for the new trains manufactured by Stadler. The first train is expected to be delivered this year and the last one will arrive in Lisbon in 2025, while the system installation should be completed until 2027.

The Circular Line will improve the accessibility and connectivity, and will contribute to the restructuring of the entire transport system. It will reorganise the metropolitan mobility with an effective increase in the number of public transport users and a decrease in the use of individual transport, with significant environmental benefits.

The line is expected to carry 9 million passengers in the first year and 5.3% of the entire metro system removing 2.6 million car trips per ear. This will result in a reduction of CO2 emissions by 5,000 tonnes in the first year of operation and will promote the decarbonisation of transport and encourage citizens to use public transport as the best option for sustainable mobility.

Lisbon metro development also cover the expansion of the Rel Line from São Sebastião to Alcântara for which the tender was launched in February. The EUR 500 million project covers the construction of a 4 km metro line with four new stations for which a EUR 250 million financing contract from the Recovery and Resilience Plan were signed in 2021. The new line will attract 25 million passenger each year removing 1.9 million car trips. This will result in the reduction of CO2 emissions by 24,000 tonnes. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2026.



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