ZJET ZITRÓN On-board Monitoring and Data Acquisition System for jet fans in tunnels

ZITRÓN is developing monitoring and data acquisition solutions in projects with high demand of signals management and with the highest requirements for predictive maintenance.



Indeed, thanks to data collection and possible remoted access, ZITRÓN solutions can include periodical reports on equipment status, and advise about the fans working, energy consumption, equivalent CO2 emissions, operation register, working conditions and event log.

In order to provide such a solution suitable for the tunnel industry, ZITRÓN is now offering the on-board monitoring and data acquisition ZJET system for jet fans in tunnels.

This device, fitted with a patented electronic card, allows the sensors data storage directly on each fan. Each fan is provided with an IP address and is able to share the information using Modbus protocol. Therefore, no matter the fan location evolution inside the tunnel along its lifetime, its records are kept.


ZITRÓN ZJET solution enables the transmission of the following fans’ signals:

  • Temperatures on bearings, motor windings, air, etc.
  • Vibration levels over the frequency spectrum
  • Horizontality
  • Flow direction
  • Rotation speed (with an encoder)
  • Other digital and/or analogue inputs


This innovating system provides the easiest and simplest connection of fans to the tunnel control system. The existing communication net is used (sharing the existing switches in the tunnel with other IP devices like: cameras, smoke sensors, emergency phones, etc.) and the closest 220V supply is enough for powering the Zitron ZJET device which also manage the motor space heater power supply.

The factory connection and verification of the fan’s signals avoid connection mistakes on site, and the related costs.

The simplicity of the system with the data accuracy improve the lifetime of the equipment, their efficiency and reliability, and reduce the maintenance time.

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