Winner announced for Cluj metro project

Cluj metroThe consortium comprising Gulermak Agir Sanayi Insaat Ve Taahhut – Gülermak Spólka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia – Alstom Transport – Arcada Company was named the winner of the design and construction works for Cluj metro project.

The submitted bid has a value of RON 9 billion (EUR 1.84 billion) and was ranked first with the highest score (91.2 of the total 100 points) with 36.25 points out of 45 for the technical proposal and has obtained the maximum score for the financial component.

The consortium will be responsible for infrastructure works including tracks, the installation of the systems, traffic automatisation and electricity supply network.

RON 9 billion (EUR 1.84 billion) without VAT is the total estimated value of the project out of which RON 8.66 billion (EUR 1.76 billion) covers the construction and RON 398 million (EUR 81.1 million) is for the value for design works which includes studies, technical expertise and documentation necessary to obtain approvals, agreements and authorisations.

The total duration of the contract is 96 months (8 years).

Cluj metro project covers the construction of a 21 km line with 19 underground stations and one depot and when will enter services, it is estimated that will transport 21,600 passengers per hour per direction. The line will be operated by 40 trains per hour per direction.

The line will provide connections between the city centre and six suburban areas running along the Gilău – Florești – Cluj-Napoca – Baciu – Apahida – Jucu – Bonțida route. In 2019, an agreement signed by the city municipality and the six communes to develop a feasibility study, the environmental impact and strategic evaluation of the project. Following a design contract signed in 2020 with a SWS Engineering-lead consortium comprising Systra and Metrans Engineering in 2021 the feasibility study has been completed. Last year a Decision was issued for the approval of the technical and economic indicators related to the investment on the “Gilău-Floreşti-Cluj-Napoca-Baciu- Apahida-Jucu-Bonţida metropolitan train, first phase of the Cluj metropolitan train system covering the Line 1 of the metro and metropolitan train project, including their connection. Component I – Cluj Metro Line 1”.

The line with 3 stations starts in the residential area of Florești, 15 km west of the Cluj-Napoca city centre, and other two stations will serve multifunctional areas of a on-going development region which includes the future regional hospital and Vivo commercial centre. Three stations will serve the Mănăștur district (8 km west of the city centre), the densest residential area of the city, and then the line follows the west-east highway, crossing the city center, to Piața Mărăști. From here, a branch will continue the direction towards Boulevard Muncii industrial zone providing connection with the existing railway network and the future metropolitan train system, while another section will serve Gheorgheni and Sopor districts where the depot will be constructed.

According to a Decision issued in 2022, the financing of the project will be provided by the Romanian Ministry of Transport through the national Recovery and Resilience Plan, the national and local budget, as well as other financial sources.

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