Wiener Lokalbahnen organises a tender for 34 LRVs

The Austrian operator Wiener Lokalbahnen resumed the tender for the delivery of new light rail vehicles, which will run on the 30 km long Vienna-Baden line, operated by Wiener Lokalbahnen.
The tender was initially launched in October 2016 for the delivery of 18 light rail vehicles but at the end of 2017 it was canceled due to the lack of interest from the rolling stock producers.
This year, the Austrian operator decided to resume the tender and announced, this time, a request for 34 light rail trams (a firm order of 18 vehicles and the option of delivering 16 additional vehicles) in an effort to replace the existing obsolete rolling stock fleet.
According to the specific requirements, the winner of the tender will have to ensure the maintenance of light rail trams for a period of 32 years. In addition, the company that will win the tender contract will have to use Wiener Lokalbahnen operator as a subcontractor to perform the maintenance of the vehicles provided.
The contract will not be split into lots.
The deadline for submitting bids is March 27th and then they are to be delivered starting with 2020.

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