ViaMobilidade receives the first Metropolis train

8-Diamante and 9-Esmeralda lines Alstom has delivered the first 8900 series Metropolis train to ViaMobilidade, the concessionaire that manages 8-Diamante and 9-Esmeralda lines of São Paulo under a contract for the supply of 36 8-car trains signed in 2021.

The Metropolis trains for lines 8 and 9 are made from stainless steel and one of the main advantages is their durability as their car shells last more than 40 years and are lighter compared to carbon steel models. In addition, they consume less energy and are therefore more energy efficient.

The trains, covered in the lines jewelled colours, can each carry 2,600 passengers, have doors and corridors that will offer excellent passenger exchange and freedom of movement, in addition to spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility.

Large windows and doors provide a clear view of the outside, guaranteeing a smooth, safe and comfortable journey for passengers. The trains also feature modern technologies: passenger counting, dynamic line maps, monitors and video surveillance, as well as fire detectors and fire extinguishers.

“The arrival of the first train, out of a total of 36 new trains that we acquired from Alstom, is a fundamental chapter in the path of transformation that we are implementing, while always focusing on providing better services to passengers,” Marcio Hannas, President of CCR Mobilidade said.

ViaMobilidade 8-Diamante and 9-Esmeralda lines transport more than 1 million passengers a day, according to data from before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Line 8, which connects Júlio Prestes to Amador Bueno, is 41.6 km long and has 22 stations, serving the municipalities of São Paulo, Osasco, Carapicuíba, Barueri, Jandira and Itapevi. Line 9, on the other hand, which connects Osasco to Bruno Covas – Mendes/Vila Natal, is 37.3 kilometres long and has 20 stations, serving the cities of São Paulo and Osasco. Osasco a Bruno Covas – Mendes/Vila Natal.

ViaMobilidade lines 8 and 9 is the concessionaire responsible for the operation and maintenance of lines 8-Diamante and 9-Esmeralda of metropolitan trains in São Paulo. Line 8-Diamante is integrated with the lines 3-Red and 7-Rubi while Line 9-Esmeralda integrates the lines 4-Yellow, 5-Lilac and 8-Diamante. In the future it will have connection with the Monorail Line 17-Gold.



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