VIA Rail Canada chooses resource planning from IVU

VIA_RailVIA Rail Canada selected IVU Traffic Technologies AG to supply software solution and in the future, IVU.rail will provide for efficient duty scheduling and dispatching of some 1,200 personnel.
VIA Rail operates passenger rail services in eight of Canada’s ten provinces. Around 500 trains are operated every week on a route network of ca. 12,500 kilometres. In the country with the second-largest surface area in the world, the trains often have to cover considerable distances to reach their destination. In order to provide a smooth service on board, the trains are usually staffed with several teams made up of drivers and train crew.
The software solution IVU.rail, which has been specifically developed by IVU Traffic Technologies AG to meet the requirements of railway companies, will help to centralise the complex duty scheduling and optimise the dispatch of resources.

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