Ukraine to nationalise Russian rail cars

Russian rolling stockAlexander Kamishin, chairman of the board of Ukrainian Railways has announced that the company will start the process on the nationalisation of Russian rolling stock in Ukraine.
Currently, more than 15,000 Russian rolling stock is stationed on the rail tracks in Ukraine and they are owned by 250 companies.

The Russian-owned wagon fleet comprises 15,076 units of which:
• opened freight cars – 10,956 units;
• tank cars – 2,057 units;
• covered wagons – 587 units;
• flat wagons – 158 units; and
• other rolling stock – 1,318 units.

The chairman of Ukrzaliznytsia says that a share of the Russian capital of the fleet will be analysed and it is expected that more than 3,000 vehicles are owned by VTB-Leasing, VEB-Leasing, Gazpromtrans, GTLK and Sberbank Leasing.

The company says that it will implement the law which under the first stage Ukrzaliznytsia will prepare the list of the owners of the carriages, where the Russian Federation is among the founders.

In the second phase, the decisions will be made by the Cabinet of Minister, the National Security and Defense Council, the Presidential Decree, followed by the approval of another legislation bill.

“The procedure will take time. Determining which of the carriage owners has a stake in Russia is also a slow task. But we have time. Russia’s carriages will work for Ukraine’s economy. They will be useful, because Ukrainian railways are developing new logistics routes to Europe that will help resume freight operations,” Alexander Kamishin said.

Ukraine Railways only has 482 carriages stationing on the Russian railway network.
The legal opportunity to start the nationalisation is ensured by the Law “On the Basic Principles of compulsory seizure of property rights of the Russian Federation in Ukraine” which has been signed by the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on March 10, 2022, following the invasion. According to this law, forced confiscation of property of the Russian Federation and its residents in Ukraine is carried out without any compensation or reimbursement of their value, given the full-scale aggressive war started by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

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