Ukraine endorses a rail link with Boryspil airport

The Cabinet of Ministers in Kyiv supports a decision to construct a rapid railway connection with the Boryspil International Airport.  Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman informed about this project. „The Government has endorsed the construction of a high-speed railway connection with the Boryspil airport. There is a real engineering decision that can be realized by the end of the year,” Groysman said. According to him, it will be possible to get to the airport or to the city in 35 minutes.  “Boryspil Airport serves 7-8 million passengers annually but there is no convenient way to get travel between the airport and Kiev. This is why a technical solution was found to solve this problem in a short time and should be implemented by the end of the year,” the Prime Minister said.

The prime minister notes that the construction should begin no later than June 1 and end in December of 2018. He stresses that Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Kistion has been appointed a coordinator of the project activities.

The new airport rail service will run from Kyiv Passenger station, via two intermediate stations to Boryspil Airport Terminal D. Journey time from the city centre to the airport will be 35 minutes. PESA will supply the rolling stock able to carry at least 2.67 million passengers a year. The project will cost between USD 22 to USD 30 million.

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