Ukraine completes modernisation works on a key rail route

After modernisation and double-track construction works on Ukraine’s 15.5 -km Zachativska-Khlibodarivka section, the entire Volnovakha-Komysh-Zorya line is double-track, allowing more trains to run in Mariupol direction.
In total, Ukrainian Railways completed the construction of 34.4 km of new tracks along the key railway line, which enhances the freight transport services to Mariupol. The project started in 2016 and needed a UAH 460 million (EUR 16.6 million) investment allotted from company’s own funds.
The completion of the project increases the capacity on the 84-km Volnovakha-Komysh-Zorya line from 20 pair of trains in 2016 to 49 pair of trains, of which 42 are freight trains and 7 are passenger trains, with two trains offering commuter services.
During 2016-2019, Ukrainian Railways performed repair and modernisation works for a total of 107 km of tracks and 61 turnouts.
The works on the Volnovakha – Komysz-Zorya line also included the construction of the power lines and power supply devices, level crossings and station modernisation. The signalling and communication systems were also modernised.
312 km is the total length of the Zaporozhye – Komysh-Zorya – Volnovakha – Mariupol corridor, including 157 km part of the regional Donetsk Railway.

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