UK: Greater Anglia to build new train maintenance depot near Manningtree

Greater Anglia has unveiled plans for a new state-of-the art train maintenance depot. The new depot, at Brantham, near Manningtree rail station, will be used for stabling and light maintenance of about 20 of the new trains due to arrive in East Anglia from 2019. The new trains will be commissioned into service from the new depot.
It will include 13 tracks where trains can be parked overnight for cleaning and toilet maintenance. Two further tracks will be undercover in a 300-metre shed, with full under- train inspection pits and cranes for general train maintenance. Covering an area of 22 acres on the north side of the existing railway, the depot will be fully electrified.
In addition, a new wheel lathe will be installed, to provide another location on the Greater Anglia network where train wheel repairs can be carried out, minimising the length of time trains are out of service. Other facilities will include a train wash, remote train monitoring systems, a control room and spares storage.
Design work and construction planning for the new depot starts this month. The site is due to be cleared in March and building should begin in the summer. Greater Anglia plans to complete the multi-million-pound depot by December 2018.

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