UIC: IFIs will grant 40% of transport funds to railways

alsa“Worldwide, there is a series of railway infrastructure projects underway, while others are due to be initiated over the next period. They provide connection on the north-south and east-west axes which is extremely important for providing transport services. Traffic estimations on both the freight and passenger segment will increase significantly and we need infrastructure. The International Financial Institutions (IFIs) are prepared to grant financing to infrastructure projects, 40% of the financing volume being directed to railways. Railway transport is the transport mode of the future. 5 thousand billion dollars are necessary for infrastructure, half of it being distributed to high-speed corridors”, declared Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, at the Railway PRO Railway Technology and Services Forum, an event organised by Club Feroviar on 25-27 February at Poiana Braşov, Romania.
In his presentation, the UIC Director General said that complementarity is the new trend in transportation. “If so far we talked about liberalisation and competitiveness, now it’s time to talk about the complementarity of transport modes. This is the new paradigm in transportation. If we manage to have the necessary infrastructure to ensure global accessibility, we will have trains with more capacity, capable to meet the latest demands regarding freight and passenger volumes and, for example, railway transport will manage to become complementary to sea and railway transport”, explained Loubinoux. He said that, next to infrastructure projects, the technical part will also meet new traffic demands. “It is about doubling the capacity of trains, about increasing the capacity of the signalling systems and the optimisation of capacity management”, said the UIC Director General.

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