TVZ builds new generation of Ivolga train

Ivolga 4.0 trainTver Carriage Works (TVZ), part of TMH, has started the construction of Ivolga 4.0 train, the new generation of rolling stock to be put into operation on the Moscow Central Diameters (MCDs).

Currently, on the MCD-2 the Ivolga 3.0 trains are operating and they will be also deployed on the MCD-3, which will be launched soon.

Compared to the existing train fleet, the Ivolga 4.0 train has three doors on each car to ensure the fastest passenger exchange between the platform and the train, especially during the peak hours and on such busy routes as the MCD-3 and the MCD-4.

Ivolga 4.0 trains will be able to gain the same speed as the cars of the previous model – the Ivolga 3.0, able to run at 160 km/h. Due to the faster acceleration of trains, the interval between trains will be reduced, and the presence of the 3rd door in the car will reduce the parking time. The cars will have smart lighting with bright in the morning and soft at night. Three types of charging slots for gadgets will be located in the seats – USB, Type-C and wireless modules. The carriages will be equipped with Wi-Fi and passenger information screens, will provide places for bicycles, scooters and wheelchairs for passengers with reduced mobility, and next to them there will be an outlet for charging electric scooters.

“The MCD-3 is about to be launched, and in several months will be launched the MCD-4. This is the most important project in the development of both Moscow and the Central Transport Hub. This is an opportunity for passengers and many residents of both the Moscow Region and Moscow to get a overground metro, which works according to the metro rules, where traffic intervals are 5-6 minutes during peak hour, a new rolling stock, a predictable schedule and a high-quality infrastructure,” Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport said.

Ivolga 3.0 trains are equipped with air conditioner systems fitted with air purification function, have adaptive lighting, large information screens, security cameras, improved ergonomics of seats and other amenities including armrests and a convenient shelf with wireless charging. Doors have become wider (140 cm), which allows passengers to get in and out of the car faster. The new Ivolga has become more dynamic, it accelerates faster than its predecessor by 40 km/h.

Preparations are underway for these new electric trains to be launched on the MCD-3 routes. By the end of 2023, Moscow authorities plan to open 14 stations on the MCD-3 and MCD-4.



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