Trenes Argentinos reopens Palmira services after a 30-year closure

Justo Daract – Palmira rail Trenes Argentinos reinstated the Justo Daract – Palmira rail services on June 2, following a 30-year closure. The line is part of the rail connection between Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

For the return of the train service, Trenes Argentinos carried out integral improvement works along 400 km of tracks that separate the town of Justo Daract and the Palmira station.

The reopening event was held at the Palmira station and was attended by the president of Trenes Argentinos Operaciones, Martín Marinucci, the Minister of Transport, Diego Giuliano, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, the Governor of Mendoza, Rodolfo Suarez, and the Mayor of San Martín, Raúl Rufeil.

The train service that currently links the Retiro terminal of the San Martín line with the San Luis town of Daract will incorporate stops at the Beazley, La Paz, Libertador General San Martín and Palmira. In the coming months, the trains will arrive at Gutiérrez station, in Mendoza, after Trenes Argentinos will complete the tasks of enhancing the entry tracks at the station.

“We managed to reopen the train service between Buenos Aires and Mendoza so that each inhabitant of this province has available a predictable, environmentally friendly and accessible mode of transport,” the president of Trenes Argentinos Operaciones said.

To reopen the Justo Daract – Palmira rail services, Trenes Argentinos carried out enhancement works at the Libertador General San Martín and Palmira stations to provide passengers comfortable waiting spaces and facilities. The work included the repair and painting of the building structures and the platforms, the placement of signage, and the installation of 65 LED lighting. In addition, at Palmira station Trenes Argentinos adapted a 210-square-meter concrete floor to extend the length of the platform up to 110 meters.

In July 2022, the train service reconnected the districts of Laboulaye, General Levalle, Vicuña Mackenna, in Córdoba, and Justo Daract with the Retiro terminal in Buenos Aires.

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