TMH delivers RA-3 rail buses to Sakhalin

Metrovagonmash, part of TMH, has shipped to Sakhalin three RA-3 rail buses after obtained the certificate confirming the compliance with the requirements for the safety of rail passenger transport.
In comparison to the previous models, the new RA-3 rail buses have an increased capacity, special places for passengers with reduced mobility, are fitted with elevators for wheelchairs and universal sanitary facilities. Its cabins carry information displays with details about the trip, advanced video surveillance, and energy-saving lighting. Both passenger and driver areas have climate control with air purification. The top speed of the train is 120 km\h.
“We are sending the first rail buses which will enter passenger services in Sakhalin Island. This is a project that we have done in record time. In just 8 months, Metrowagonmash designed, manufactured and certified the RA-3 railbus model,” Boris Bogatyrev, the general director of Metrowagonmash said.
In March, a rail bus RA-3 entered preliminary and certification trials at TMH Mytishi plant. The trials were carried out at VNIIZT experimental test circuit in Scherbinka and included a 5000 km run.
The main configuration of RA-3 is a three-car setup, with two head motorized carriages and one trailer coach. The bus can also consist of two head motorized carriages. Two RA-3 can operate as a multiple, forming a rake of six cars.
A rail bus is a modern passenger train suitable for use on non-electrified railway lines, especially on urban, suburban and inter-regional railway networks.

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