Timişoara could be the second Romanian city with a metro system

IMG_8330Timişoara could be the second Romanian city with a metro system initially formed of 5 stations, declared Mayor Nicolae Robu for “Gândul”.
“At present, the city of Timişoara is divided in two by the train railways. The situation creates many problems as the number of crossings of these railways is reduced: two underground crossings and to level crossings. There are more, although also not enough, crossings over the Bega River”, declared Nicolae Robu. He said he had three solutions for solving the transport problem in Timişoara: create bridges to elevate the railways, move the railways outside the city or in the underground.
Timişoara Municipality has carried out an analysis from the technical, economic, aesthetics and functional point of view, but also from the point of view of urban development and the conclusion of this analysis is that underground transport is the best “transport solution” for Timişoara.
The specialists of the municipality have come to the conclusion that the metro system has major advantages. “First of all, it clears a land of around 8 km long and around 80km wide to develop an ultramodern boulevard in a central area in the close neighbourhood of the historic centre as a unitary architectural conception”, said Robu.


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