TikhvinChemMash to deliver 87 chemical tank cars

TikhvinChemMash, part of UWC, will supply PhosAgro 87 tank cars with stainless steel tanks shells for the transport of a wide range of chemical cargoes. The shipment will be completed in the short-term.
Equipped with a 25-tonne axle load bogie, the tank car has a capacity of 76.5 tonnes, allowing for load increases of up to 8.5 tons of freight per car, compared to standard models.
The tank car has an increased overhaul mileage of up to 1 million km or 8 years, compared to standard models which have an expected mileage of 210,000 km before the first depot repair and a further 110–160,000 km before subsequent repairs. The model 15-6900-01 tank car has an operational life of 32 years.
The stainless-steel tank shell, which is fitted with sealing elements made from fluoropolymer, provides corrosion-resistant protection of the shell, ensures the safety of the personnel maintaining the rolling stock, and eliminates the environmental impact of hazardous freights. PhosAgro plans to use the TikhvinChemMash-produced tank cars for the transport of liquid complex fertilisers (LCFs) for use in agriculture.
The tank cars will form part of the fleet of Apatit (Vologda Region, part of PhosAgro Group), a producer of phosphorus mineral fertilisers, phosphoric and sulphuric acid, aluminium fluoride, ammonia and urea, as well as ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrate-based fertilisers.

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