The country sending more train users to Europe than China and Japan combined

An Asian country “sends” more train users to Europe than China and Japan combined, especially young people, making it the world’s second largest.

The country in question, India, supplies Europe with more leisure train users than Japan and China combined, but less than the United States, according to a article picked up by the Hindustan Times.

Indian travellers now represent the second largest market for Rail Europe (the French company that provides train tickets for the whole of Europe) for the first time in 90 years.

Europe attracts more and more Indian travellers

Despite obstacles such as visa delays and logistical problems, a significant number of Indians have been visiting popular European destinations – including Switzerland, France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria, with growing interest in Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary.

“Despite challenges such as visa delays, the Indian market has shown remarkable resilience and strong enthusiasm for travel to Europe,” Björn Bender, president and CEO of Rail Europe, told DW. “The Swiss Travel Pass and Eurail Pass are particularly popular with Indian travellers travelling abroad for their flexibility and convenience, allowing seamless exploration of multiple destinations,” Bender added.

Rail Europe has seen a 60% increase in overall revenue amid the growing popularity of European destinations among Indian travellers.

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