Terzo Valico rail: EUR 607 million funding agreement signed for the third lot

italia-pedemontana-1The funding for the third lot of the Terzo Valico Genoa – Alessandria for  EUR 607 million has been defined. The relative agreement was signed at the end of 2014 by the COCIV consortium, General Contractor for the design and construction of the project, and RFI. By signing this agreement, the works and funding were defined for the respective lot, part of the High Speed/High Capacity railway line that will improve railway connections between Northern Italy and the rest of Europe.
Works will commence by 30 June 2015 and the funding totals EUR 607 million. The activities planned for this lot include the continuation of the  works on the Valico tunnel and the entire Serravalle tunnel.
The total value of the Terzo Valico is EUR 6,200 million and is broken down into 6 Construction Lots; the line will be 53 km long, of which 37 km in tunnels, involving 12 municipalities in the provinces of Genoa and Alessandria between the regions of Liguria and Piedmont.
The project is part of the Rhine – Alpine Corridor, which is one of the main corridors of the trans-European transportation network connecting Europe’s most populated and most important industrial regions: the Terzo Valico railway will give Italy a leading role in a major infrastructure project at an international level.
COCIV consortium is formed by Salini Impregilo (64%), Società Italiana Condotte d’Acqua with 31% and CIV with 5%.

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