Tender launched for the electrification of Łuków – Lublin line

Lukow – Lublin railwayPKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe announced a tender for the development of design documentation for the electrification of the Lukow – Lublin railway line. PLN 378 million (EUR 83.4 million) is the value of the contract implemented under Kolej Plus programme.

Under the project, there will be no need to replace diesel locomotives with electric ones, which will result in more efficient and shorter journeys to the voivodeship’s capital. This will create an attractive travel offer between the Lublin and Mazovia regions.

This is the second tender procedure in the Lublin Province under the government “Programme for Supplementing the Local and Regional Railway Infrastructure Kolej Plus until 2029”. In March this year a procedure was announced for the construction of the Szastarka – Janów Lubelski – Biłgoraj new railway line along with the improvement of the accessibility of railway transport in Kraśnik.

“The Kolej Plus programme in the Lublin Voivodeship is entering the implementation phase. The announcement of the tender for the Lukow – Lublin railway line is very important news for the inhabitants of Lubartów town, who will gain more connections to the capital of the voivodship. The travel time to Warsaw will be also shortened due to the fact that there is no need to replace diesel locomotives in Łuków with electric ones,” Piotr Kaliszewski, adviser to the deputy Minister of Infrastructure said.

In 2020, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe and Lublin Province signed an agreement to modernise and increase access to rail services in Lublin rail agglomeration. Both parties agreed to develop railway transport in the region by expanding the lines and modernising the existing connections and constructing new stops to provide better access including to the passengers with reduced mobility.

To deliver better and more comfortable services, Lublin Voivodeship ordered from Newag seven additional new Impuls 2 electric multiple units, part of an agreement signed in December 2019 for eight such EMUs. The train procurement has been financed by the EU through the Regional Operational Programme for Lubelskie Voivodeship 2014-2020 with PLN 130 million (EUR 28.7million), of the total cost of PLN 165 million (EUR 36.4 million). The new EMUs are operated by the regional company Polregio.

Under Kolej Plus programme, Lublin Voivodeship submitted six projects covering the largest length of the lines, totalling 335 km of which the new constructed lines will have a length of 90 km. to increase access in Kraśnik town, a 65 km of new line will be constructed on the Szastarka – Janów Lubelski – Biłgoraj route and 25 km on Lublin – Łęczna / LW Bogdanka route. For two other 125 km lines works involve electrification and revitalisation. This includes the 107 km Łuków – Lublin railway line and the Bieniów – Lubsko section which will be revitalised and will benefit from three new stops. In addition, two lines totalling 117 km will be reconstructed and/or extended. The 51 km Chełm – Włodawa section will be modernised to provide access to the Włodawa town and for the the 66 km Rejowiec – Zawada – Zamość Szopinek route works include modernisation and integration of the Zawada station.

The Kolej Plus programme is scheduled to be implemented by 2029, integrating the towns with poor or no access to rail services. PLN 13.2 billion (EUR 3 billion) is the value of the investment of the programme, of which the government will provide PLN 11.2 billion (EUR 2.5 billion) while PLN 2 billion (EUR 441 million) will be covered by the local or regional authorities.


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