Tender approved for track expansion at Alicante station

track expansion at Alicante stationThe Spanish Council of Ministers today authorised the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility (Mitma) to launch a tender for track expansion at Alicante station to allow increased high-speed trains services, consolidating the position of the capital of Alicante as a strategic point of the Mediterranean Corridor.

The tender will be launched by Adif Alta Velocidad at an estimated value of EUR 20.7 million, VAT not included.

Within the framework of railway liberalisation, increased capacity for operators and traffic, together with the future adaptation to the standard gauge of the Valencia – Alicante section and the Nudo de la Encina are two of the main factors to develop the potential of the Madrid – Alicante high-speed line.

Track expansion at Alicante station covers the construction of six new standard gauge tracks which will be added to the four current tracks. The Alicante terminal will have sufficient capacity to absorb rail services, mostly in standard gauge, both local and medium and long distance.

Currently, there are three railway lines that converge at the Alicante station and includes the Madrid – Alicante high-speed line, which in turn connects with the Monforte del Cid – Murcia HSR and the conventional gauge Alicante – El Reguerón, with connection to Murcia and La Encina – Alicante with connection with Albacete/Valencia.

For long distance services, it has 4 standard gauge tracks and 2 conventional gauge tracks served by 3 platforms. For its part, medium-distance and suburban traffic has 5 Iberian gauge tracks and 3 platforms.

In the future, taking advantage of the space between the long distance tracks and the medium distance / commuter tracks, the station will have 10 standard gauge tracks through the construction of 4 new ones and the conversion of 2 to conventional gauge, equipped with 5 platforms and 4 tracks of conventional width with 2 platforms.

The works planned in the project cover actions on the track with the construction of new tracks, adaption of track width, modification of itineraries, implementation of track devices, platforms adaptation, remodeling and new construction and electrification. The new tracks will be electrified at 25 kV in the new ones, standard gauge tracks, the own electrification of the high-speed network, as well as the complete electrification of conventional gauge tracks and new remote energy control.

In addition, the functionality of the passenger building will be improved to manage the increase of passenger number, deploying facilities for railway operators – such as new check-in stations and maintenance areas, and access to the Cercanías rail network will be expanded and reconfigured. In addition to installing acoustic protection in both the north and south areas.

According to Mitma, the project may be co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility.

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