Ten-year maintenance for powerful 9000 kW six-axle Swiss locomotives

Ten-year maintenance for powerful Swiss locomotives. Rail leasing giant Alpha Trains and Swiss manufacturer Stadler sign a full-service agreement for the maintenance of EURO9000 locomotives.

Alpha Trains, the European leader in locomotive and train leasing, signs a Full-Service maintenance agreement with Stadler.

The contract covers the full maintenance of all EURO9000 locomotives recently ordered by Alpha Trains for a minimum period of 10 years from the date of delivery of the locomotives. The scope of services includes preventive, corrective and heavy maintenance to guarantee the highest standards of service for Alpha Trains customers throughout Europe. EURO9000 locomotives have six axles being of the Co-Co type.

Ten-year maintenance for powerful Swiss locomotives

This milestone agreement further strengthens the two companies’ collaborative efforts to improve sustainable and efficient transport solutions across Europe, according to a Stadler release.

In 2023, Alpha Trains announced its first order for the purchase of 12 state-of-the-art six-axle multi-system hybrid locomotives. Delivery is scheduled for 2025 and 2026.

The strategic collaboration between Alpha Trains and Stadler underlines their long-standing and successful partnership and, at the same time, underlines their commitment to providing customers with a reliable and efficient fleet of EURO9000 locomotives throughout Europe.

Guus de Boer, Commercial Director at Alpha Trains Locomotives, on the partnership: “Stadler’s extensive service network, excellent maintenance track record and shared values have led us to this agreement, which will enable Alpha Trains to offer the highest quality service to customers for the latest Stadler EURO9000 locomotives purchased.”

Christian Mayer, Senior Sales Manager, Stadler Service AG, commented, “We were very pleased with this offer: we are very pleased to be able to work with Alpha Trains, as a well-known customer, for Full Service for EURO9000 locomotives. With our flexible and innovative maintenance concepts, we ensure the highest level of availability and thus create an advantageous starting position for Alpha Trains customers to succeed in the market. With our established service network and Stadler mobile teams, we can offer holistic support throughout the DACHINLB region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium – ed.)”

Alpha Trains offers attractive leasing products and state-of-the-art locomotives that help facilitate and increase the modal shift of freight from road to rail. This cooperation with Stadler is an example of the joint vision of the two companies to contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future for European transport.

Stadler EURO9000 locomotives


  • Modern multi-system hybrid freight locomotive with electric under-catenary operation and autonomous diesel operation.
  • Six-country configuration and equipped with 1.9MW diesel traction
  • High starting tractive effort and continuous power: thanks to a highly efficient traction system with single axle control for best adhesion
  • Boost function to support the lower 3kV catenary supply, with up to 1.9MW additional power for best driving dynamics at the highest towing loads
  • Powerful electric brake with environmentally friendly energy recovery in the catenary as well as rheostatic brake


  • Two ergonomically designed driver’s cabs with universal central driver’s desk and air conditioning system
  • Radio remote control and side driving console for efficient manoeuvring operations
  • High operating comfort and panoramic view with four side windows for each cab.
  • The cab is part of the accident protection system in accordance with the latest standards
  • Reliability/ availability/ maintainability/ safety
  • Approved according to latest European regulations
  • State-of-the-art vehicle control system with advanced diagnostics and remote diagnostic system
  • Electronic vehicle door control system
  • Exclusive lighting design with LED technology
  • Modern maintenance system with best service intervals
  • Designed for digital automatic centre buffer coupling

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