Teleste wins major contract in Denmark

LCD displaysBanedanmark, the Danish railway authority and Teleste have signed a frame agreement for the delivery of up to 4500 of next-generation outdoor TFT LCD displays to Banedanmark and other ordering entities.

According to the agreement, the displays will be delivered to Banedanmark during 2021–2026, with an option to extend the delivery schedule by three additional years.

In addition to technical quality, the frame agreement is based on collaborative partnership and services such as component repair, which are strengthened by advanced remote diagnostics, a feature enabled by Teleste’s next-generation outdoor TFT LCD displays.

“We are pleased to cooperate with Banedanmark in upgrading its station infrastructure with our next-generation information displays. Combined with our previous experience of the Danish railway market, our carefully designed technologies create a firm steppingstone for the successful implementation of the new screen fleet,” Jörn Grasse, Vice President of Rail Information Solutions for Teleste, said.

With the new frame agreement, Banedanmark aims to upgrade its station infrastructure with the latest display technologies, in which high screen readability and advanced technical parameters play a significant role.

The outdoor TFT LCD displays are designed and certified for the most challenging outdoor environments to provide outstanding readability of shared information. The IP65 protection ensures that dust, rain, and snow do not affect the display operations, and the display can be safely placed anywhere outdoors. TFT LCD displays have a wide operating temperature range from -35 °C to +55 °C. Display’s intelligent thermal management system automatically guarantees that the inside temperature of the device always stays within the preferred temperature range even in direct sunlight.

For transport operators, these next generation displays offer lower cost of ownership due to their expected lifetime of over ten years. This is supported by an intelligent diagnostics unit included in the displays, which is designed to report their operating status in real time, thus enabling preventive maintenance measures and quick reactions to possible hardware failures.

The TFT LCD display series offer an extensive range of different display types, including monitor, platform and pillar displays in sizes from 32” to 75”.


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