Teleste acquires Ermetris

rail electronics Teleste Corporation has acquired Ermetris, an Italian company specialised in rail electronics and related services. The acquisition strengthens Teleste’s presence and capabilities to deliver services for rolling stock manufacturers and public transport operators in Italy, one of the key market areas of the company’s Rail Information Solutions business.
“Thanks to our innovative nature combined with our experience in the public transport sector, we will give added value to Teleste products. This integration with the Teleste Group is a great success achieved thanks to the synergies created in recent years. It is also a unique growth opportunity for Ermetris and for our city”, Pamela Campoblanco Royle, President of the Ermetris board said.

Ermetris designs and manufactures electronic products for the public transport market in Italy and Europe and provides related services to mainly Italian railway and public transport operators. The company has been a local service partner for Teleste over the course of many years in several major deployment projects, and both companies share the values of professionalism, customer centricity and innovation in their operations.

Teleste’s solutions are currently installed in more than 500 trains in Italy. Through the acquisition, the company will be able to offer its customers increased local presence and the expertise of the Ermetris team as part of its life cycle services. The acquisition will also create a new repair competence centre, serving both Teleste’s and Ermetris’ public transport customers in Southern Europe and complementing Teleste’s network of service excellence alongside the previously established repair centres in Finland and Poland.

Ermetris will continue with its current management as an independent company, as part of Teleste’s Video Security and Information business unit. No personnel reductions are planned as a result of the acquisition.

Founded in 2011, Ermetris is a provider of passenger management services in the transport industry. Company’s rail electronics products include passenger information services, public address, on-board internet, video surveillance, passenger counting services and transport products distribution services through its online platform.

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