Tajikistan significantly increase coal production this year

coal transportOver the first nine months of this year, Tajikistan has produced more than 610,000 tons of coal, which is 180 percent of the January-September 2013 level, or 273,000 tons more, according to the Ministry of Industry and New technologies (MoINT).
An official source at a MoINT says the daily coal production has increased to 4,500 tons in recent months. “To-date, some 70,000 tons of coal have been stored in warehouses, storehouses of industrial enterprises and coal-selling outlets,” the source said.
Coal production has increased due to a shift of the country’s industrial enterprises from the more expensive natural gas and electricity to the more economical fuel—coal—for heating and other needs.  Currently, more than 160 enterprises in Tajikistan use coal as a fuel.
Eighteen coal-producing enterprises now operate at fourteen coal deposits in Tajikistan.  In 2013, they produced 518,000 tons of coal, which was 25 percent more than in 2012.  Coal sales increased from 424,000 tons in 2012 to 482,000 tons in 2013.

Source: www.timesca.com

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