SŽ-Cargo signed locomotive contract

The general director of SŽ–Tovorni promet (SŽ-Cargo), Melita Rozman Dacar, and the general director of CZ Loko, Josef Gulyás, signed a contract for the supply of 4 class EffiShunter 1000 locomotives for the Slovenian national operator, SŽ – Tovorni promet.
The new locomotives are 25% more efficient, less noisy and meet the modern environmental standards.
By purchasing the new locomotives, the operator will significantly reduce the maintenance costs and the fuel consumption, and in the same time, the reliability will be increased.
The four-axle diesel electric locomotive has an engine output of 895 kW, with a maximum towing capacity of 267 kN and a nominal weight of 80 tonnes. The drive unit is located in the front hood of the locomotive and comprises the Caterpillar diesel engine and the Siemens traction alternator. The front hood space includes most of the auxiliary drives, engine cooling block and the pneumatic unit. The power regulation and control of the entire locomotive is ensured by the control system made by MSV elektronika with cruise control function and remote diagnostics by means of GSM and GPS technologies. The locomotive is equipped with a DAKO air brake and a parking (stored-energy) brake.
The new locomotive will be used for rail activities at Koper station, which is the most important freight station on the Slovenian rail network. Up to 1,200 wagons are loading and unloading in Koper every day. They will enable SŽ-Cargo to increase the quality of services on a highly competitive transport market.

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