Systra wins São Paulo Line 22 design contract

São Paulo metro Line 22Systra Prime L22 consortium signed the contract to deliver preliminary engineering, architecture and geological studies for the São Paulo metro Line 22 (Brown Line) which will provide transport connection between the municipality of Cotia and the city of São Paulo.

The consortium should carry out the survey and develop the documents by May 2026. During the 35-mont period, the consortium the documents will be passed to the São Paulo Metro to continue the assessment of the alignment option of an underground line or a mix of underground and elevated line.

In February 2023, São Paulo Metro has announced that Systra Prime L22 consortium was selected as the winner of the tender.

The implementation of the project will be split into two phases with the first one covering the construction of the line from Sumaré station to Granja Viana station with three new stations. The second phase includes the construction of six new stations to Cotia metropolitan bus terminal.

The project also involves the construction of a maintenance facility with a capacity of 52 metro trains. The line is expected to be used by 649,000 passengers each day, according to initial studies.

The tender for preliminary design and environmental studies has been launched in September 2022.

The 29 km line with 19 stations will link the Cotia municipality, 36 km west from São Paulo city centre and will be connected to the existing Sumaré station on the Green Line (Line 2). In Cotia, the line will leave the Metropolitan Terminal crossing through Vila Santo Antônio, Sabiá, Alexandra Park, Estrada do Embu, Mesopotâmia and Granja Viana.

São Paulo is extending the Green Line by 8.3 km and eight new stations from Vila Prudente to Penha district, in the east part of the city. The extension will be connected with the Red Line (Line 3) and the Line 11 of CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos) at Penha station. The extension is expected to be completed in 2026 when will be 23 km long with 22 stations.


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