System supplier for Texas HSR selected

Station conceptual rendering

Texas Central and Mass Electric Construction Co, a subsidiary of Kiewit, signed an agreement to install core system, critical safety elements which include all necessary power, signalling and communications equipment for the Texas high-speed railway line.

The early contract involvement agreement with Mass Electric covers work through the end of 2019 to define the scope, execution plan, schedule and price for a construction contract, which is expected to be signed later this year.

Under a core systems installation agreement, Mass Electric would install the systems that supply and distribute electrical power for running the train and related equipment, signalling and control of the trains, and communications, to ensure the trains, the tracks and operators all communicate with one another and with network operations.

This agreement is the most recent milestone towards the construction phase of building the high-speed train, which is expected in 2020.

The core system that will be installed by Mass Electric is a key component of the N700S Shinkansen technology being deployed for the Texas HSR project, connecting Houston and North Texas.

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