Spain opens Olmedo – Zamora high-speed line

RENFE started commercial service in the Olmedo – Zamora section of the Madrid – Galicia high – speed line on December 17 with a single return service which will cut travel time for the 232km Madrid – Zamora trip by 22 minutes to 1h 33min.
As an important development worth noting is that Salamanca and Segovia have direct connection by rail, something that has not happened so far. With the promotional price, the cost of the ticket between the two cities is EUR10.
The Olmedo – Zamora high-speed line is 98.6km long with double-track on the first and last 21.6km and 9.2km stretches. The entire line is designed for double-track, although the 68.2km central section has only a single track with one passing loop.
In addition, the commissioning of the new infrastructure on the stretch between Olmedo – Medina del Campo – Zamora, improves the travel time between Madrid and Zamora  to 1 hour and 33 minutes, improving by 22 minutes the actual time of travel.

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