Spain: FGC uses drones for the inspection of its installations

Foto dronFerrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) has used drones for the first time to carry out inspections of its installations. Specifically, they were used to inspect the medium-voltage (25 kV) lines connecting the electrical substations serving Les Fonts and Sant Quirze stations to the power company’s collectors. The drone used by FGC overflew the area checking that the cable was in order by means of advanced inspection technology such as thermography or high-definition imaging.
Using this new technology, developed by Infraplan, enables Ferrocarrils to gather information more effectively, assessing environments that are hard to access, shorting the process and avoiding risk situations for its employees.
Another result of this graphical inspection, monitoring and information capture will be to provide working data for Ferrocarrils in the most advanced graphical 3D formats.
Following the successful completion this first experiment, which will now be repeated every year, FGC is considering the possibility of using this technology in other areas of its activities, such as the inspection and maintenance of tracks, catenary wires, signalling systems and even the natural environment around FGC group mountain stations.

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