South Africa to continue rail projects

S AfricaSouth Africa continued to ensure the advancement of multimodal infrastructure in the cross-border North-South Corridor (that passes 12 countries), including road, rail, border posts, bridges, ports, energy and other related infrastructure, South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma said.
Zuma explained that the West African Economic and Monetary Union had agreed to finance all technical studies related to the Dakar–Ndjamena–Djibouti road and rail link, which were expected to be completed at the end of November. The project implementation phase was due to start before 2018.
In addition, “significant progress” continued to be made with the North–South road, rail and related infrastructure corridor, managed by South Africa.
“A number of hard and soft infrastructure issues and projects are in progress and are being addressed. To date, there are various projects in various stages of the project lifecycle, including road, rail, bridge, border posts and energy projects,” he said.
Moreover, two workshops were planned for 2015 to finalise the detailed design stage of the Kinshasa–Brazzaville Bridge road and rail project, after which the project would move to the tender process for construction of the bridge – envisaged to be completed by 2025.
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