SNCF has to reduce fees for rail stations in Paris region

sncf_parisThe Railway Activity Regulatory Authority (ARAF) has mostly agreed with the Ile-de-France Transport Union (STIF), the transport management organisation authority in Paris Region, about the dispute between STIF and Gares et Connexions, SNCF’s rail station management branch. STIF has contested the level of rail station use taxes which include a royalty for using the rail stations and a fee on the payment of invested capitals. The latter is currently fixed at 9.2%. According to ARAF, the established level is too high and has recommended its reduction to a percentage between 5.5% and 6.9%. Moreover, taking into account STIF’s complaint, which claims more transparency for bills, ARAF has demanded to establish an invoice system that would reflect the use of services divided on transport activities. ARAF has also demanded the introduction of a system of bonuses and penalties according to the quality of services provided by SNCF in rail stations.

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