Škoda to equip Tesmec rail trucks with advanced traction

advanced traction equipmentUnder a cooperation agreement signed with Tesmec Group, facilitated by Tesmec Rail, Škoda Group will equip company’s vehicles with advanced traction equipment. The strategic technological collaboration aims to revolutionise the railway working and diagnostic vehicles sector, creating cutting-edge, high-performance, and environmentally friendly products on a global scale. Deliveries of the 44 sets of components will be carried out between 2024 and 2028.

This cooperation highlights the shared aim of both firms in growing their brands through a collaboration that places a strong emphasis on technical innovation. Full electric and hybrid propulsion systems, including gearbox based on energy storage integration, will be supported by Tesmec rail vehicles equipped with Škoda Group’s electrically powered traction solutions. In addition to reducing environmental effect, this integration also makes energy recovery possible.

“It is with great pleasure that we, together with Tesmec, a major player in infrastructure technology, embark on a journey to change the transport industry. (…) By equipping Tesmec’s vehicles with our advanced traction equipment, we aim to redefine safety, reliability, and comfort in railway transport. This partnership is an important step in our joint efforts to provide seamless transport solutions that have a minimal impact on environment. We also want to enhance safety on the rail and with those targets we are on the same board with Tesmec,” Petr Novotný, the President Components & Bus Mobility at Škoda Group, said.

To produce a distinctive, integrated green solution that gives the customers an advantage in the markets for diagnostic rail vehicles, catenary construction and maintenance vehicles, Škoda Group and Tesmec Rail  modified their conventional products. Both businesses will strengthen the way they operate and increase their share of the market in the target regions by combining their business opportunities and encouraging collaboration.

“When we talk about the future, sustainability and innovation are the two pillars, a winning combination between technological development and compliance with environmental policies. The challenge of green and sustainable technologies represents a great opportunity for an international company like Tesmec Group. There are many changes to face. Therefore, we require an accurate planning, ‘technological curiosity’ and strategic collaborations such as the one with Škoda,” Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni, the CEO of Tesmec said.

The partnership between Škoda Group and Tesmec train got underway in 2020 after Tesmec Rail won the contract from RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) to provide four electrified train cars for diagnostics on the Italian network. Taking advantage of this achievement, Tesmec Rail was awarded a second contract from RFI in 2022 to supply 44 railway trucks with electric gearbox and a bimodal propulsion system. With the help of this ground-breaking system, the vehicles can be powered both from a diesel engine-generator and at 3 kV DC (Lot 1) or at 25 kV AC (Lot 2). The technological developments that resulted in these key milestones were greatly aided by the work of Škoda Group.

This collaboration sets the stage for a new era of sustainable, technologically advanced railway solutions. Together, they will continue to push the boundaries of innovation, providing the railway industry with state-of-the-art products that promote environmental responsibility and advance the future of transport.

Tesmec Rail designs, manufactures and markets machines and integrated systems for the installation and maintenance of the railway catenary, devices for the diagnostics of the railway catenary and track, as well as customied machines for special operations on the line.

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